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We engaged Ariva Renewables to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort of our drafty 1930's home.

We selected Ariva because of their track record in the Macclesfield area and practical knowledge base when applied to retro-fit projects.

Our project started with an airtightness assessment to understand where the problems were in the house. Fortunately our double glazing was fine – but the survey exposed the flooring and fireplaces as responsible for major energy loss. Ariva's advice was to focus on keeping as much of the heat in the house as possible through insulation and heat recovery.

We therefore decided to lift and insulate under all downstairs flooring, greatly increase the levels of insulation in the loft, install an MVHR heat recovery system and, as our old boiler was on its last legs anyway, fit a hydrogen-ready boiler with low modulation with individual wifi connected controls (Tado valves) on all radiators. We also removed the old open fireplace and replaced it with an inset wood burning stove.

This amount of work caused considerable upheaval over a period of a few weeks – with all floorboards up and ducting going into every room in the house. This was something we had anticipated and had prepared for – you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. However the end result is very pleasing with very little sign that anything was done, except for the ceiling ventilation points which are pretty unobtrusive. The Ariva team did a great job of installing the ducting in such a way that very little of it can be seen now – passing through existing cupboards where necessary. The heat recovery unit itself is fitted in the loft and is pretty much silent.

Initial results are encouraging. The house certainly feels warmer with a more constant, comfortable temperature. The house is also much quieter – we no longer need to open windows to get filtered, clean air ventilation.

We had a positive experience with the Ariva team – from sound technical advice through to the practicalities of such a retro-fit project. The team worked very hard to complete the work (much of it dirty and uncomfortable) as quickly and cleanly as possible.


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Company No. 13487669. Registered in England